Learning about careers is a life long and life wide journey which is integrated across the College life in preparation for students' active participation in the knowledge society. All students are encouraged to critically reflect upon their learning strengths and areas for development. The course planning/subject selection process that students undertake in preparation for their studies in Years 9 through to 12 is structured and guided. Students are encouraged to access a diversity of resources available from the Careers Centre, the Information Centre, career expos held at the College, and through investigation and exploration of opportunities in the wider community. Partnering students in their post compulsory education decision making process is best facilitated when students, the College and parents engage in the conversation of possibilities and opportunities in their learning journey. Careers' learning and planning is lifelong. At any stage in the career planning process, parents are welcome to access the careers service through a scheduled appointment.

Learning about Careers at Mercy takes place during:

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