Catholic Learning

As a Catholic Learning Community, it is our mission that our students' time with us be one of welcome and inclusion towards all. It also involves experiencing a strong sense of caring, compassion and justice within the school and outwards to the world.

As a Catholic girls secondary college, we give witness to and live out the values proclaimed in the Sacred Scriptures and the spiritual and theological insights of our Catholic tradition. We celebrate the dignity of each human person; we are all made in the very image of our loving and forgiving God. We witness to God's presence in the sacramental life of the Church and in the most humble elements of Creation. We live out our call to be disciples of Jesus and companions of one another.


As a learning community in the Mercy tradition, we place the dignity of each human person at the heart of all that we do.

In displaying generosity and hospitality we aim to be inclusive of all members of our community and treat each person with respect, recognising everyone as individuals with a significant role within a broader community.

"...know God's loving kindness and share it with others."   Catherine McAuley

As a Catholic secondary college for girls, we give witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ by showing God's love for us through our actions and care for his gift of creation. It is hoped that our students are young women who show compassion to others and have the courage to participate fully for the achievement of a just society.

The College aims to provide every individual with opportunities to express and develop their spirituality, with an emphasis on our belief in God and the Catholic tradition. We give witness through lived experience, prayer and liturgy and in our work for justice. This is encouraged on a personal level and in communion with one another. In addition to the comprehensive Religious Education curriculum based on the "To Know Worship and Love" texts, reflection days and retreats are organised for each year level to nurture students' faith development.

Mission Captains are appointed in each class. The senior Mission Captains are part of the Student Executive and promote the mission of the College and lead the student Mission Team. Mass is celebrated in the College chapel. Students are also given the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the College.

All students from Year 7 to Year 12 participate in the Religious Education program. The program is designed to complement the faith and liturgical life of the College.