Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Mercy College is based on the Mercy values of excellence, justice compassion and hospitality and recognises the need to address the spiritual and emotional well-being of the young women in our care. Pastoral care permeates all facets of College life, empowering our young women to have the confidence to articulate their beliefs in both words and actions, as well as developing the capacity to critically reflect upon their personal and interpersonal development. By providing a “balanced education for the whole person”, students consider contemporary issues for young people, develop an understanding and appreciation of healthy relationships, and develop skills and sensitivity to the diverse needs of people in the local and wider community.

The formal structure of pastoral care throughout the College sees every student belonging to a mentor group which meets twice daily with the mentor group teacher. This frequent interaction enables positive relationships to develop between students and between staff and students. Where possible the mentor will also teach the students in the mentor group, further promoting the development of supportive relationships.

Effective pastoral care is essential to the wellbeing and development of our young women. Every staff member at Mercy College plays a significant role in the pastoral care of students, whether in a formal role or in the day to day interactions with students. Level Leaders are an integral part of pastoral care at Mercy College as they oversee the educational, spiritual, social, personal and physical development of all students under their care. Under the direction of the Director of Student Wellbeing, the Level Leaders work with the mentors to provide support and care of students.

Wellbeing programs address the needs of students, supporting a holistic approach to the education of young women as they journey through adolescence to early adulthood.