Student Voice

Student Voice

When young people are genuinely listened to, they feel valued and this impacts positively on their learning and wellbeing.

Student voice allows our students to engage with their school community, and their participation means they enrich and ignite their peers.  Student Voice provides valuable opportunities for our students to articulate their views on issues around them as well as providing an avenue to express their ideas and suggestions for innovation.

Student voice is a vital part of Mercy College as it provides a number of ways for our students to not only share their ideas and insights but also take on responsibility by making a positive contribution to school life and enable the full flourishing of each student.

At Mercy College we recognise that student voice, agency and leadership are inter-related factors integral to learning and growth.

"Young people call us to renewed and expansive hope, for they represent new directions for humanity and open us up to the future."
(Pope Francis 2013)