Students as Leaders

Through formal and informal student leadership opportunities and programs, a culture of responsibility, collaboration and inter-personal communication and intra-personal reflection is fostered. From the commencement of a student’s education at Mercy College, she is offered opportunities to experience and explore the many and varied facets of leading and leadership.

Our student leaders work closely with and for the school community. They help to create an atmosphere that supports and promotes a community of practice that continually seeks opportunities to learn about the diversity of ways individuals and groups can and do create change, inspire action and represent ideas and opinions.

The structure and organisation of formal student leadership is based around:

  • Student Leadership Executive
  • Student Voice Leaders
  • Mission Leaders
  • Class Leaders
  • Transition Officers
  • Social Justice Leaders

A student leader at Mercy College represents herself and the whole College by:

  • modelling the values of the Vision Statement
  • active commitment to the spirit and culture of the College
  • being able and confident in public speaking and leading meetings in a formal manner
  • being fully informed about and dedicated to her role. She will be proactive in participating in, supporting and initiating anything that builds up the profile in her specific area of leadership
  • visibly supporting her colleague leaders in their roles
  • being a responsible student
  • working collaboratively with her Pastoral Care group or mentor group

The Student Leadership Executive meets with a staff member of the Justice and Community (JAC) Team. The Student Executive is responsible for assisting with and developing projects that involve the whole school and, in particular, the House system. Their role includes representing the student body on formal occasions.

The Student Leadership Executive consists of:

  • College Co-Captains (2)
  • Mission Captain
  • Social Justice Captain
  • Student Voice Captain
  • Music Captain
  • Performing Arts Captain
  • Sports Captain
  • House Captains (5)

Student Voice representative meetings provide a forum for students to voice their opinions on all matters concerning their education. It is the vehicle by which concerns can be communicated to and from the student body. It is also the means by which the College Leadership Team can communicate with the students and initiate projects and activities both for the College and the wider community.

The Student Voice Committee consists of:

  • Student Voice Captain and Student Voice Leaders from each year level.

The role and aim of Student Voice is to:

  • provide a means of expression of student opinion, enabling students to raise issues concerning their involvement in the life of the College;
  • provide the wider College community with the opportunity to consult a representative body of students;
  • encourage greater understanding and communication between students, staff, administration;
  • develop leadership and organisational skills by holding positions of leadership thus providing an outlet to direct their gifts towards the service of others; and
  • raise money for the purpose of funding approved student activities, for the promotion of social justice or environmental issues, or for donation to charitable bodies.

Other Positions of  Leadership within the College are:

  • Mission Leader from each Homeroom
  • Student Voice Leader from each Homeroom
  • Transition Officer from each Senior Homeroom
  • Social Justice Year Level Leaders