Learning Resources

Information Centre

The Information Centre provides an extensive and valuable learning environment and resource centre for the use of all students and staff.

It provides a service to all and encourages and fosters a learning environment conducive to study, research and recreational reading. The Information Centre endeavours to address the current and future learning objectives of our College community, operating within the context of a global society.

Specifically it aims:

  • To promote, encourage and empower the independent learner
  • To contribute to the promotion and achievement of academic excellence
  • To promote an ethic of social awareness and responsibility in the use of information and to develop competence, responsibility and discrimination in the use of technology
  • To promote the enjoyment of literature and reading for pleasure
  • To contribute to the learning and teaching program of the College by working in collaboration with staff to prepare students to be lifelong learners targeting critical thinking, communication, information fluency, technology, global consciousness and management of personal learning.
  • To provide, maintain and develop a physical environment that reflects 21st century potential, our mission of service and encourages excellence in learning.


  • Main library area
  • Global learning centre
  • Research room
  • Wider reading area

These areas are well resourced with computers, data projectors and interactive whiteboards. The Information Centre is a place of social interaction and this is particularly evident at lunch time. Students can work or socialize whilst eating their lunch in the comfort of the library.