At Mercy College, music students are offered a wide choice of instruments with tuition available from a variety of visiting music specialists. Every student who is having instrumental lessons has the opportunity to perform for family and friends at school concerts and recitals which are held throughout the year. These allow students to gain confidence and develop performance skills. Every music student has an opportunity to perform in one of the bands, ensembles or choral groups appropriate to her particular level.

Mercy College Music Ensembles include:

  • Senior Concert Band
  • Junior Concert Band
  • Rock Bands
  • Chamber Choir
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Vocal Group
  • Choir

All ensembles have opportunities to perform at the school concerts or at other events throughout the year. In a relaxed, yet controlled situation, students develop their own instrumental skills, learn to follow a conductor, improve listening and group work skills, and read music with greater fluency. Music offers an opportunity to connect meaningfully with students across year levels as well as develop leadership and collaboration aptitudes.