Support Services

At Mercy College we have high expectations. School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) helps to create a positive learning environment by developing proactive whole-school systems to define, teach and support appropriate student behaviours. SWPBS helps to enhance positive behaviours and increases academic performance.

We have explicit behavioural expectations and a common, consistent language is used by all members of the community.

We have three expectations of all members of our community:


The following strategies are implemented schoolwide:

  • Effective academic support
  • Explicit teaching of social skills
  • Explicit teaching of school-wide expectations
  • Active supervision / monitoring of students
  • Firm, fair, corrective discipline using restorative practices
  • Effective classroom management
  • Positive reinforcement for all students displaying our expected behaviours

SWPBS is closely aligned to Catherine McAuley’s approach to guiding those she interacted with. Catherine wrote:

“Be ever ready to praise, to encourage, to stimulate, but slow to censure, and still more slow to condemn.” (Familiar Instructions, p. 141)

In implementing SWPBS we focus on the positive aspects of students’ behaviour, looking to recognise students who are displaying our expected positive behaviours, while still addressing other behaviours that might not be in line with our expectations using Restorative Practices.