Approach to Learning

Visible Learning

Mercy College is a visible learning school. Visible learning at Mercy College sees the use of Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Feedback. This is to ensure students are clear on what it is they need to know, be able to do or understand by the end of the lesson or series of lessons. The Success Criteria provide for students are road map, what is it that they need to do in order to be able to achieve the lesson objectives. Teachers seek opportunities to observe students and assess students in diagnostic and formative contexts in order to provide feedback to students. Timely feedback allows students to redirect and refine their efforts.

Mercy College recognises that there are many dispositions that impact learning but three have been deemed paramount and they make up Mercy College’s learning mantra, be courageous, be inquisitive and be persistent. Learning requires some risk taking, students must take advantage of new opportunities and seek new experiences. Student success and growth is achieved through students asking questions, challenging perspectives and creating new knowledge.