Mercy Tradition

Mercy College is a Learning Community in the Mercy Tradition

Catholic education is for life; providing a spiritual vision for every student, staff and parent.

At Mercy College our Catholic heritage in the Mercy tradition is shown in the following ways:

  •    showing passion for justice in the Church and society; educating not only about justice but how to live justly;
  •    relating to students with compassion and fairness;
  •    affirming justice as a guideline in choosing what to teach and how to teach;
  •    affirming students being made in the image of God and challenging them to 'fullness of life' (John 10:10);
  •    teaching to respect self, others and creation;
  •    preparing students to be aware of their rights and live up to their responsibilities as Christians.

We are enriched by the vision of Catherine McAuley that has been passed down to us. We participate in the proud Mercy history which spans more than 175 years. We are connected to a network of Mercy schools that extends throughout Australia and six countries abroad. We participate in the ministry of Mercy education, which ministers to tens of thousands of young people throughout the world.